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Tuesday, June 26, 2001
Target Korea Details
9:17 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

As the beta version of this innovative flight sim progresses towards and expanded beta pool, Targetware is releasing more details about Target Korea, revealing for the first time what actual gameplay may be like. This sim is "targeted" at hardcore online pilots, with an emphasis on realism, but the game also has several features (including open tools and easy-to-edit aircraft) which will encourage community development and participation.

We recently spoke with a member of the team who offered this update on the sim's status:

We are currently in closed beta testing of v.031e for both the PC and Mac
platforms with approximately 75 users. We have just closed off accepting
any more applications for the Target Korea closed beta team and we're about
to initiate a substantial expansion of the present team to facilitate a much
larger scale of beta testing. The on-line database contains almost 1200
applicants, so we hope to have better than half of these actively
participate within the closed beta, to ensure we've addressed all of the
major issues prior to moving to the Open Beta stage in the Fall.

As this expansion occurs, we will be introducing closed beta v.032 which
adds a huge element of game play improvement to Target Korea with the advent
of scenarios. Scenarios will become the heart of what differentiates the
Targetware series of flight simulations from the traditional open arena
concepts used by all of the present on-line MMP flight sim companies. The
scenario concept should not be confused with the simple mission builders
provided by these arena centric sims, but rather they will form the essence
of Targetware's approach to stimulating much greater game play enjoyment,
through forcing strategy and victory conditions to become a major element of
a player's participation when on-line.

While Target Korea will not feature massively-multiplayer online play, this description seems to indicate that online play will be oriented around battles (most likely historic conflicts) rather than simple aerial deathmatching.

Targetware also passed along the results of a poll they posted on the Target Korea web site. The results are quite interesting, and they indicate that at this point in the game's development, the majority of the interest is indeed coming from serious flight sim players. The poll also indicated that those with less CPU horsepower do not want to be left behind when this game ships; this is an era of increasing concern for gamers these days as requirements for some titles climb into the stratosphere. Here are the results of the poll:

If you could suggest one programming priority for the Targetware flight
simulation engine, which area would you like Sickware to focus on?

16% Emphasis on entertainment with goal oriented scenarios through forced
cooperative team play.

10% Emphasis on high resolution in-game graphics models for planes,
terrains and pyrotechnics.

52% Emphasis on software engine physics for historically accurate flight,
weapons and ordnance modeling.

22% Emphasis on system performance (ie: high fps) with acceptable
graphics on wide range of computers.

Stay tuned for more details as Targetware expands the beta of this game to include many more Mac and PC players and begins to tweak online play. Visit the Targetware web site for more details and screen shots.

Targetware Web Site
Target Korea

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