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Tuesday, June 26, 2001

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Shadowbane Developer Q&A
9:25 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The weekly update to the Shadowbane web site includes a new developer
journal entry with Billy "Hezrael" Arnold, a 3D artist for Wolfpack.
Arnold is putting the final touches on a new area called the 'Vampyre Lord Keep,'
an appropriately spooky new place for the Undead to hang out. The interview covers
the process involved in making an immense area such as this, and includes a number of
concept art sketches and early renders. Here are several excerpts from the piece:

What exactly is the Vampyre Lord's Keep?

The idea is that it is a central focal point of the Undead Zone where the more powerful undead emanate from. It may also serve as a focal point for various quests. It is called the "Vampyre Lord's Keep" because the Vampyres appear to be the instigators of the Undead menace.

Are the Max renders pretty close to what it will look like in-game?

Yes and no. Yes because the colors and details of the textures are exactly what it will look like in the engine. No because the lighting of the Arcane 3D Engine will make it look even more dramatic than the quick, stand-in lighting I have in these renders.

One more thing. Take a good look at the screenshot of the doors. See that little tiny door set into the right hand door? It looks like a "doggy door", doesn't it? In reality, a Half Giant or a Minotaur could walk through it with more than a foot to spare. That's the kind of scale we're dealing with here. This place is huge!

Shadowbane is currently the only 3D MMORPG appearing on the Mac platform in the foreseeable
future, and we're hoping to see a release by Wolfpack before the end of the year.
The game is currently in its second major testing phase, and more details are expected
as the title nears completion. If you visit the Shadowbane web site, be sure to check the Screen shots, Lore and Bestiary sections as these have also had recent updates.

Vampyre Lord Keep Q&A
Wolfpack Studios

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