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Tuesday, June 26, 2001
Optimizing Q3A 129 for OS X 10.0.4
6:00 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

The Mac community certainly has many kind things to say about Graeme Devine, member of id Software and an adamant defender of the Mac as a computing and gaming platform. However, all men have their faults, and Graeme can occasionally suffer from an affliction that can hobble even the best and brightest of the world's programmers -- we call it "cryptic plan-itus." While he has only the best intentions as he updates his ".plan" file with hopefully enlightening information, something gets lost in the translation from über-geek-speak to the plain English favored by mere mortals.

Thus, Graeme's latest .plan update needs a little explaining. While many hailed the release of the latest version of Quake 3 Arena (in this case, version 1.29 for Mac OS X) some expressed surprise at a lack of "oomph"; a quick fix was posted which corrected a bug in the sound system which was eating up speed, but it turns out there is still more optimization to be done. It seems that Graeme left a certain preference setting aside when he compiled this latest version, but manually entering it in the console should result in a slight speed boost.

Here is his update:

Quick update on Mac OS X

If you run with s_chunksize 2048 you get a noticeable framerate improvement over the default. Please note that I forgot to latch s_chunksize, so you need to quit the game and restart after you've changed the value of that cvar.

Mac OS X 10.0.4 seems a lot snappier to me too.


To make this change to Q3A's settings, bring down the console and type "\s_chunksize 2048." To make sure the value has been set, just type "s_chunksize" in the console (don't forget the backslash if you are in the middle of a game) to see what the current value of the variable is. In our own tests this setting did indeed create a small boost in speed, but still much less noticeable than the boost given by disabling sound and music. Remember this is still a beta version of Q3A, and we are sure the optimizations and speed boosts will continue. There is no information as to whether this fix works with the Classic version of the Q3A update; be sure and post your results in our Forums.

Quake 3 Arena 1.29f Update (25 MB)
Graeme Devine's .plan File

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