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Friday, June 22, 2001
Targetware Expands Closed Beta Test
11:18 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Although Targetware missed their projected date for a public beta of Target Korea, this unique community-based flight sim is still in the thick of development. A recent press release states that they will soon be expanding the pool of closed beta testers for the game, and have closed the application process as well. Here is the update:

The Targetware series of online combat flight simulators, are based upon a
unique physics engine developed for both the Windows and Macintosh platforms
by Sickware, a privately held company located in San Francisco, California.
Sickware operates as a virtual corporation comprised of an international
development staff from three countries.

Targetware has announced that as of today, they will not be accepting any
NEW Closed Beta Applications for Target Korea. They have received almost
1200 applications to participate on the Target Korea closed beta team and we
would like to publicly thank everyone who has applied. Over the next few
weeks, they will be reviewing ALL of the registered applications and
aggressively adding large batches of players to the closed beta team to
greatly enhance load testing capabilities. For those players who were not
able to participate in the closed beta, it was stated that the current
development timeline projects offering a general "Open Beta" for the
community at large to participate in during the second half of 2001.

The Targetware engine blends an exceptionally secure and unique development
architecture together with direct 'hands-on' community participation, in
order to create a 250+ player on-line environment, which essentially has
been designed by the customer base itself. With an open architecture
approach to graphics, flight models, terrains and even servers, Targetware
combines extensibility and customization with a high-fidelity flight
simulator, that insures that everyone is playing by the same rules.
Targetware is the 'branding' identifier for the engine and the series of
products that are being built under it. For example, the first of the
series will be titled Target Korea and will feature the Mig 15bis versus the
F86f-30 Sabre. Target Korea is currently undergoing closed beta testing and
is expected to be simultaneously available in open beta for both Windows and
Macintosh systems during the early Fall of this year.

For more information on and screen shots of this flight sim, be sure and visit the Targetware web site.

Targetware Web Site
Target Korea

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