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Wednesday, June 13, 2001

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Green Beret Screen Shots
8:12 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

GameSpy scored five new screen shots of the upcoming Myth II-based title Green Berets. The new images show off some of the explosive power in the game, as well as some large helicopters dropping off your men. This tactical squad game will take you through the jungles of Southeast Asia as one of the army's elite soldiers.

Since the game will essentially be a large total conversion of the Myth II, they will also be including a full of that title in the box as well. Here are a few of the features of Green Berets from its web site:

  • Tempt the enemy into a trap or attack them head-on in 10 missions through rice paddies, underground tunnels, rivers, and many other detailed terrains!

  • Secure landing zones with M16 gunners, Huey Helicopters, and medics, but beware of enemy Snipers and Mortar crews - over a dozen units in all!

  • Rescue POW's, locate downed pilots, sabotage enemy communications, and seek and destroy enemy supply dumps!

  • Obliterate enemy bases with intense explosions, engage the enemy in blinding firefights, call in devastating air strikes, and more - all powered by the Myth II engine!

  • Stalk through the dense jungles with M60's, grenades, med kits, and radio equipment to call in an awe-inspiring air assault!
  • While paying for a new 'mod' has generated some frustration among the Myth community, it is good to see the older engine still has some life in it. Green Berets is expected out for Mac and PC sometime this summer.

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