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Wednesday, June 13, 2001
More Details on Spaceward Ho! 5
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Last week we wrote about Delta Tao working on a new title, Spaceward Ho! 5. While this game will be based upon the previous incarnation in the series, it will sport many improvements. A thread in the Usenet group continues with Joe Williams of Delta Tao taking requests/comments about what people would like to see changed. He lately gave a nice summary of the features they are currently considering. Here's a clip:

We're kind of nailing stuff down. We're going to have our hands full
rewriting the networking and UI, so we're probably not going to make
super substantial gameplay changes (we already know it's fun!).

Stuff we're pretty sure about:

  • tcp/ip play.
  • we'll assume color and 800x600 screen, which will allow us to
    substantially revamp the user interface.
  • we won't be on floppy, so we can have a lot more and nicer graphics and
  • we'll probably focus on a downloadable and unlockable version.
  • Also mentioned before is the fact the the game should be carbonized for OS X and ready for GameRanger play. We'll keep you posted as Spaceward Ho! 5 gets further into development. They're shooting for a release hopefully sometime this winter.

    Delta Tao Software
    IMG News: Spaceward Ho! 5 in the Works

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