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Thursday, June 7, 2001
Bungie Fans Delve Into "Glyphs"
11:25 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

One of the more fascinating aspects of the games created by Bungie Software is the way these games grow and take on a life of their own outside the realm of typical gameplay. They inspire fan fiction, heated forum discussions and endless amounts of mods and maps years after they are out of print. Longtime Bungie fan Bruce "Hippieman" Morrison dropped us a line alerting us to the latest conundrum the fan community is puzzling over -- a set of mysterious 'glyphs' that have appeared at the web site.

These seven mysterious (and blurry) figures are each puzzles which, when unlocked, will supposedly uncover a part of the enigmatic Marathon storyline. "Hippieman" has organized a web site expressly for those who are tackling these puzzles, so they can compare solutions and theorize over the answers. The minds behind these puzzles are quite devious, as many of the easy suggestions (an alpha-numeric code for example) have failed to produce results. If you love a good brain-teaser, lend your code-cracking skills to the Bungie fan community and tackle the mystery of the Glyphs. FAQs and updates at the site will bring you up to speed on the solutions and suggestions made so far for each puzzle.
Glyph Central

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Archives  News  Bungie Fans Delve Into "Glyphs"