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Thursday, June 7, 2001

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Information on realMYST UK Release Date
10:52 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

A helpful IMG reader from across the pond dropped us a note which is both encouraging and disappointing, as you will see. For quite some time Mac users have been anticipating the release of our version of realMYST, a "remix" of the adventure game classic redone with a real-time, hardware-accelerated 3D engine. We learned in April that Mac OS realMYST is indeed complete (in fact we've seen a webcam image of the gold master disc) but was put on hold so that it would not interfere with the sales and publicity surrounding Ubi Soft's other big spring release, Myst III: Exile.

Now that Exile has shipped in the US (and is a tremendous success on the charts) it is time once again to ask, "where's realMYST?" IMG reader and UK dweller Andy Smith asked Ubi Soft just that question. While the response he received might seem alarming, it makes sense when you consider other marketing and release decisions Ubi Soft has made regarding Myst III: Exile.

Here is the response he received from Ubi Soft:

The release of real myst is under discussion at the moment. we are leaning
towards a pre christmas release for this but nothing is definate yet


Stuart Brooking
Ubisoft Technical Support

Note that this is a UK release date, not a US one. The UK/Europe version of Myst III: Exile also faces a serious delay in comparison to the US version; it will not be released until this Fall for that hemisphere, due (supposedly) to the many problems involved in 'localizing' the game for the various languages and OS versions in that area.

We've followed up with Ubi Soft of course, and we'll bring you any details we can uncover about a US Mac realMYST release date. But the fact that this title's release is under discussion should be a relief to those who were worried it might be swept under the rug and forgotten. Check out our links to past news articles below for more information.

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