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Wednesday, June 6, 2001

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Mac Europa Universalis Still In Development
1:46 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Back in October of 2000 we brought you the news that Europa Universalis, a complex historical warfare strategy game, would be brought to the Mac OS by Hyperion and Tribsoft. Since that time, several events (including the cancellation of a planned port of Soldier of Fortune to the Mac OS by Hyperion) have cast doubt on the future of this port. However, in early April of this year a member of Tribsoft posted in our forum reassuring Mac strategy gamers that this title was indeed still in development.

It has been over three months since that date with no updates on this title, but once again a member of Tribsoft has dropped by the forums with a progress report, of sorts. Reassuring another posted that the title is still in the works, he posted the following:

it's not dead. In fact, I was working on this Mac port (along other things). Unfortunately for all the patient Mac users waiting for this game, I'm in Germany for the rest of the month. This delay the announcement and the port itself.

There's no announcement date or publishing date at the moment. However, I will kick my butt when I will be back in Montreal to make sure we can make some announcements soon.

Sorry about the delay...

Mathieu Pinard

Tribsoft Inc.

Our thanks to Mathieu for the update, and we hope he doesn't bruise his posterior in the process. For more information on this strategy title, follow the link to a list of past articles on the subject.

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