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Wednesday, May 30, 2001

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New FUEL Trailer, OS X Info
1:50 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Earlier this month, IMG brought you the first news of a new racing game called FUEL which is coming to the Mac OS. The title was one of the featured games during the GeForce 3 launch earlier this year, and it looks to be quite an impressive water racing game. While it was originally going to be using hovercraft only, a recent shift in the focus will enable you to race with many different vehicles over land and water.

Recently FragMac got more details from one of FUEL's developers about the Mac version. They're apparently focusing strictly on OS X at this point, and they hope to have it be a simultaneous Mac/PC release. The game is still a ways off, though, with plans to have it completed early next year.

For a great example of what FUEL will be like, check out a just-released video of the game. The high resolution version is quite a large download, but those with the bandwidth (and Windows Media Player) will want to give it a look. There is also a smaller (9MB) file available to ease the strain on your modem. [Note: FilePlanet looks to be down at the moment, watch for it to reappear later in the day.]

Official FUEL Web Site
FUEL OS X Report on FragMac
IMG News: New Game FUEL'ing Its Way to the Mac
Firetoad Software

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