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Wednesday, May 30, 2001
Warbirds III Q&A
10:26 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

GameSpy has pulled aside Jay "Divine" Littman of IEntertainment to talk about their next-gen online combat simulation Warbirds III. Many Mac users are probably familiar with the Warbirds series, and some may already be involved in the open beta of Warbirds III currently underway. The interview discusses what has changed in this incarnation, the pricing plans for the game and comments on the status of the open beta. It seems they will soon be adding the first ground units to the World War II title. Here's an excerpt:

Gamespy: What are you looking to add to Warbirds III now and in the future?

Divine: Please remember that WarBirds III is an OPEN BETA and is far from being completed. Even thought the development of WarBirds III will continue for years it is not feature complete to WarBirds 2.77. For now WarBirds III is missing CV, Squads and Scoring; but not for long.

The OPEN BETA has been very stable and in the next few weeks you'll see major changes to WarBirds III as we add new features. The WarBirds III development team is working very closely with Apple, NVIDIA and ATI all of which are very impress with WarBirds III potential. In the next few weeks we'll be adding our first ground vehicle, a M3 Half Track with quad .50 turret. The Track is a mobile anti aircraft vehicle. This will allow an avenue for new players who have not invested the time to learn how to fly to take part in the game. This will allow us to expand the appeal and market of WarBirds to a new audience. Also just like bombers the Track is a chat room where players can drive around the terrain and shoot down passing aircraft while chatting and waiting for another victim. The Track is a new feature and brings new game play and balance to WarBirds.

  • More 3D cockpits
  • CV (aircraft carriers), Squads and Scoring
  • Artillery
  • Villages and cultural ground icons with a limited ground war
  • WarBirds III will have Force Feedback joystick support just like WarBirds 2.77
  • For more information, check out the rest of the interview and also have a look at the official Warbirds site. We'll bring you more details as Warbirds III heads towards an official release.

    Official Warbirds III Web Site
    IMG News: Limited Open Beta of Warbirds III Available
    GameSpy Warbirds III Interview

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