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Monday, April 30, 2001
Interview With Joseph Staten on Halo
10:26 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

IGN Xbox sat down with Joseph Staten and John Howard of
Bungie's Halo team. The interview is obviously centered around
the Xbox version, but some details are given out about the game in general.
Bungie is defiantly happy with the Xbox as a platform, but they are still very eager to
brig it to Mac OS and PC. Lead designer John Howard explained that they are
currently putting all their efforts into the Xbox version and fixing up a
lot of game content for their demonstration planned for this years' E3. Here is a sample:

IGN Xbox: Because the guys at IGN PC threatened us with death if we didn't ask, what's up with the PC version? Will they see it before the Covenant invades earth?

JS: Given that it will be hundreds of years before the first Covenant recon picket stumbles across our most distant colony world--yes, absolutely! Oh man, we're all pushing so hard to get the XBOX version out on time, we really have zero time to think actively about the PC and Mac versions. But they're always in the back of our minds. You know: " should I do 'x' so itíll be relatively easy to implement on the PC/Mac?" Tell the IGN PC guys to keep the faith, and we'll get back to you, OK?

Furthermore, all the cinematics have been finalized, the artificial
intelligence has been improved and certain levels are even bigger in size. IMG will be bringing you team coverage from E3 all four days of the event, so we'll be sure to keep you updated on this title and more.

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