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Friday, April 27, 2001
Myth III Site Opens With New Images, Reqs
9:56 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The official site for Myth III: The Wolf Age has been unveiled by the publisher for the game, Take Two. While this is really just a quick information page, it does offer a rundown of this real-time strategy title's features and some preliminary system requirements. As you've probably heard, Myth III will move the series to full 3D, replacing the 2D sprites with animated 3D models and even implementing true deformable terrain. This will up the ante for those who were barely able to run Myth II, but they don't seem too unreasonable for today's standards. Here's a clip with the requirements for both Mac and PC versions:


OpenGL compatible Rage Pro, Voodoo 2, TNT (or equivalent) with 6 MB of memory
hardware acceleration card for the minimum game performance

400 Mhz CPU

96 Megs of ram


OpenGL compatible Voodoo3, Rage 128, TNT2 Ultra, GeForce, S200 with 16 MB of memory

600 Mhz CPU

128 Megs of ram

(System requirements subject to change).

The 600 Mhz CPU is likely not a Mac statistic, so don't get too upset about that. G4 owners will also be glad to hear Andrew Meggs of Mumbo Jumbo is also optimizing the engine with AltiVec enhancements according to this clarifying post in the Myth3WolfAge forums:
A K6-2 500 is fine -- the engine is heavily oriented towards vectorized optimizations, i.e. SSE2, AltiVec, and 3DNow!. 64 MB of RAM is too low, not just for Myth 3 but for most current 3D games (and even the latest version of Internet Explorer -- sigh). An 8 MB card will run the game, but you might be interested in upgrading because some of the higher-quality rendering effects don't get added unless there you have 16 MB or more on your video card.
For a glimpse at what your video card will be producing, also scroll down the new Myth III web site for three new screen shots of the game. The title is currently scheduled for a release this fall, and we'll keep you posted on any new developments.

Myth3WolfAge Forum Thread
Official Myth III: The Wolf Age Web Site

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