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Thursday, April 26, 2001
New EV Nova Images
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Ambrosia Software recently added many new images the official site for Escape Velocity: Nova, the third in the very popular EV series. The 14 pics are a mix of both in-game and pre-rendered media, and they're all well worth a look for both fans and those new to the series. Also of interest is a shot of the game being built in OS X, in case you'd forgotten that Ambrosia was planning to release on this next-gen operating system as well. Here's a clip from the site with more info on EV Nova:

In EV Nova (the threequell to Escape Velocity), we are working on a huge update to the game -- it's been rewritten so that the graphics engine is 16 bit, handles transparencies, hue tinting, thruster and laser "glowing", and a number of other really cool features. The graphics for the static scenes are all 32 bits of love, and there are QuickTime movies for many aspects of the game (don't worry, they augment the game, we aren't turning the game into an "interactive novel" or anything silly like that).

More importantly, we're giving people what they love about EV: an all new huge, expansive universe with a number of major plotlines (and scads of minor plotlines) that unfurl as you pilot your way through the universe. There actually have been book-length background stories written about the scenarios you'll encounter in the game, so depth and immsersiveness in the story will be a given.

The environments really look stunning, and the in-game shots are quite a step up as well for this venerable series. There's no official release date yet set for EV Nova, but we're hoping it will move into testing soon. We'll keep you posted on any new information about the game.

EV Nova Web Site

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