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Wednesday, April 18, 2001

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Oberin Gains New Users, Forums
9:01 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

After we ran a story on the freeware RPG Oberin on Monday, nearly 250 people have now downloaded the client from MacGameFiles. This is actually quite a few new players added to the still-growing realm, so we're happy to see it become more popular. The influx of players did reportedly create some lag on Monday night, though we encourage you to try again if you found this too unpleasant, as the server should be back up to speed after a few fixes.

If you've scoured the Oberin site, but still found the lack of a forum to be unacceptable, there are a few options. Traxus, a player in the game, sent us word about his message board which is available for all players in the game to use. His site is one of the first fan pages for Oberin, and also has some helpful information available if you're still getting started in game. His forums also have a section for the first few of the game's guilds, if you happen to be a member.

Another place to post comments/problems/etc is on the official Oberin groups site. You have to sign up as a member of the Yahoo eGroups system to log in, but once there you can post and read messages from both players and those developing the title. We encourage anyone interested in Mac-only online RPGs to investigate Oberin, as it is designed from the ground-up to be a community project which will develop to fit the users, not the other way around.

Yahoo Groups Oberin Section
Oberin Forums at the Traxus Project
Download Oberin 0.1.6 (15.8MB)

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Archives  News  Oberin Gains New Users, Forums