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Friday, April 6, 2001
Minor Updates on Coldstone Engine, EV 3
10:19 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Over the last few days the project logs for two of Ambrosia Software's most-anticipated releases have received minor updates. While the update for Escape Velocity 3 (the next installment in the popular space action/adventure game) merely notes that the game is almost 100% Carbonized for Mac OS X, the update for the Coldstone engine packs a lot of substance. The progress log for this cross-platform RPG engine and tools notes that the next release may very well be the final candidate.

The Coldstone engine by Beenox is a fascinating project. It will allow those with only rudimentary programming skills to create attractive, deep and interactive RPGs with high-tech features and lots of flexibility. Furthermore the engine is cross-platform, including Mac OS, OS X and Windows. With such features as powerful scripting tools, a 32-bit graphics rendering engine and a realtime battle engine, the Coldstone engine gives the artist and the dreamer the ability to create their own game from scratch without spending years learning C++.

Here are some excerpts from the extensive Coldstone log update:

Coldstone B4 has been released! Mainly bug fixes, documentation updates and small modifications. I finished patching the spell system yesterday but it didn't made it for this release. There still some work remaining to do on the plugin system and documentation/tutorial update. Then I will update the Coldstone editor for Windows and OSX. If all goes well, the next version should be the final candidate.
For the full list visit the progress log itself. The first game which will use the Coldstone Engine is also in development at Beenox, known as Pillars of Garendall, is currently at "Beta 2" and is expected to be released this summer.

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Ambrosia Software
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Archives  News  Minor Updates on Coldstone Engine, EV 3