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Monday, March 12, 2001
New Shadowbane In-Game Movies Released
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Wolfpack Studios have released two movies revealing more of the gameplay we have to look forward to in the upcoming MMORPG Shadowbane. The movies are brief, but very impressive. The textures, environments, game interface, and especially the character animation are all coming together to create a highly-immersive game world for fantasy RPG fans.

The first movie features an Elven Bladeweaver with some friends showing off some thrilling moves which were motion-captured from an actual Kung Fu instructor. Many of the character and monster animations in the game will be "mo-capped" in this fashion, a detail level made possible by the true skeletal animation system.

The second movie shows the Elven Bladeweaver in town, decking himself out in some just-purchased armor. The movie demonstrates the easy to use interface, and the amount of camera control available. Like the Myth series, the user has full control of the 3rd person viewpoint, and can view their character from any angle, and a wide range of distance. Make sure you grab both movies (each are a reasonable size) to get a glimpse of what we can expect in the near future. Shadowbane is currently in closed beta testing and is set for a midsummer release for Mac and PC.

Elf in Town Lo Res [4MB]
Shadowbane Website
Elf in Town Hi Res [12MB]
Elven Party Hi Res [10MB]
Elven Party Lo Res [3MB]
Wolfpack Studios

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Archives  News  New Shadowbane In-Game Movies Released