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Thursday, March 8, 2001

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On Tropico Politics
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Gathering of Developers and PopTop Software have released some information about the political system that will challenge gamers in their upcoming third-world dictatorship sim, Tropico. This won't be some sleepy Caribbean island; the player will have to develop genuine political savvy to manage the demands of citizens and various factions, and hold on to power as dictator of Tropico through astute management and diplomacy. As a press release from Gathering of Developers reveals, the political system is shaping up to be quite complex:

There are three main facets to Tropico’s internal politics. They are:

  • Political Popularity - The dictator’s political popularity is a summation of each citizen’s feelings. The boldest citizens provide feedback throughout the game by approaching the leader with grievances or other messages. The leader can try to arrest or shoot any citizen at any time, but this tends to increase overall resentment within the population. Also, targeted citizens can fight back against the government, or flee to become rebels in the hills.
  • Uprisings - The people as a whole can stage a popular uprising, or the army can institute a coup-de-tat. For an uprising to occur, there must be a significant amount of dissent within a group and a motivational and charismatic leader. When an uprising begins, all normal world activity stops until the feud is resolved. A failed uprising will deter other uprisings for a while, but if the dictator’s palace is captured, the game is over.
  • Elections - If the government is a democracy, elections must be held every six years. If the dictator wins the election, the populace will remain relatively passive until the next election. The dictator can also sway the election results in honest ways (tax cuts, reformist policies), and in less-than-honest ways (vote fraud). Unfortunately, the population typically sees right through vote fraud, and a fraudulently won election can be worse than no election at all, leading to an immediate uprising.
We're certainly very excited to see this one in action. Expect Tropico for Mac OS about a month behind the release of the PC version, which should be as soon as next month; it will be published by Gathering of Developers.

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