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Thursday, March 8, 2001
Summoner Trailer Released
10:15 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Developer Volition has released a very nice "trailer" introducing their upcoming Mac/PC release of Summoner, a 3D RPG with an epic plot. The trailer, which is available in either .avi (Windows Media) or Bink format, showcases some of the cinematics and in-game footage from this title.

We highly recommend the Bink versions of this trailer, as that compression format is very high quality and runs well full-screen on most G3 and G4 systems. The files are ".exe" format, so make sure you click-and-hold and choose "Download File to Disk." If you don't have the Bink player, grab it from the link below.

As we recently reported Summoner has been rumored to be close to "gold" on the PC side. While we couldn't pin Volition or Graphsim down to a specific date, both hinted that the Mac version would be very close on the heels of the PC version, as expected. Keep watching for more details, and grab this trailer if you want a preview of the eye-candy to come.

Bink Video Player
Summoner Media Downloads
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