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Thursday, March 8, 2001
Myth-ical Chess
9:02 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Giving a whole new aspect to the strategy element of Myth II, pointed us towards a new chess mod available for the this now-classic RTS from Bungie. MythCHESS 1.0 has both Myth and actual chess units included, and the gameplay is set to compy with actual chess rules -- with a Myth II twist, of course. Some of the other cool features include:

  • Instant Pawnswapping (Pawns are auotmatically traded for the highest point piece your opponent has...)

  • Scripted Turntaking (At the Legendary Difficulty level, players are forced to take turns...)

  • Retextured Models (Used to indicate whose turn it is, they light up!)

  • New Sounds sanctioned by MacSoft (Thanks MacSoft!)

  • Easter Eggs (Cheering Peasents, dwarfs playing chess against each other...)

  • New Scenery! (Hehe, look closely, you may see it...)

  • New Units! (The chess pieces are very cool...)
  • Head over to the Mill now to grab the 2.4 MB download. And prepare for a more 'civilized' multiplayer Myth II -- though we are pretty sure things still explode, occasionally.

    MythCHESS 1.0 Web Site
    Download MythCHESS 1.0 (2.4MB)

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