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Thursday, March 8, 2001

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WWII Online Interview
9:02 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

XL Gaming has posted an interview with Cornered Rat Software about their upcoming massively-multiplayer online title, World War II Online. In case you haven't heard, this is one of the few next-gen MMO titles to be coming to the Mac, though it is radically different from RPGs like Everquest and UO. The team creating WWII Online is trying to make a virtual battlefield which allows huge scenes and gives players the ability to control any number of vehicles, weapons, or planning facilities. Some of the questions posed in the Q&A include discussion on how the game got started, a clarification on how "death" is handled, and a reiteration that they want to ship it before E3 (this May). Here's an excerpt which will you an idea of the scope of this title:

WWIIOL is hard to completely explain. There's a lot more going on than might meet the eye. The biggest problem we have here is conveying how new the concept really is. The scale alone is ground breaking, players have simply never had this much area to roam and fight in. That translates into lot and lots of players in the same environment at the same time. Add to that a great physics and combat layer that supports FPS, aircraft, tanks, AT guns towed by trucks, and you've not only got the first virtual battlefield, but a huge one at that. The strategic system and RPG layer allow players to get involved in a huge variety of ways. Gameplay options that go from your sharpshooter, lone wolfing it in the field, all the way to a commander that is making decisions on where to flow resources in order to rush the latest technology into action. Ship building, R&D, resource flow, and more will be manipulated by the high commanding players. Playing WWIIOL can be whatever you want it to be, sniper to supreme commander, it's simply that big.
For more information, visit the Cornered Rat web site and have a look around. The specifics on the Mac version are unknown at this point, but it's hoped we'll see a release fairly soon after the PC build.

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