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Thursday, March 8, 2001
Westlake on Carbonized Games
8:36 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

Apple announced yesterday that their next-generation operating system, Mac OS X, was complete and has been sent to duplication. With the retail release coming in about two weeks, we felt it was fair to ask Westlake Interactive's Mark Adams a question many Mac gamers have been curious about: What is Westlake's stance on Carbonizing games for Mac OS X? Here is Mark's answer:

We're actually waiting a copy of the GM (I assume Apple will send one to developers at some point) so we can see if everything we need is there. After that, hopefully we'll have a better idea what we can do (and when).
It would be unrealistic to expect Westlake to Carbonize many of their old games simply because it would not be practical from a financial standpoint (unless publishers pay them). Their future games, however, may be Mac OS X-compatible out of the box. To reinforce this idea, Mark later posted the following on Usenet:
We've never publicly said there won't be an OS X version of UT. Just
that we weren't working on it yet. I'd say UT has a pretty good chance
of being Carbonized at some point, mainly because if we do any more UT
based games (like Deus Ex or Rune) after OS X ships, we'll want them
support OS X somehow (out of the box or in a patch).

Basically we can piggyback the UT engine Carbon work onto a new project,
and then roll those changes back into UT itself (and maybe some of the
older UT engine games).

Westlake's official position on OS X has always been that we are waiting
for the new OS to stabilize, so we have a non-moving target to shoot
for. Once the gold master version is available to developers, we'll
start looking at how to fit current games (ones that haven't shipped
yet) into the OS X scheme. In early cases, this will probably be a
downloadable patch. Later (Summer/Fall I assume) we will actually have
OS X native versions in the box when you install the game.

The other factor that has prevented us from jumping on the OS X early
development bandwagon has been that we don't want to produce substandard
OS X games. Some of the necessary technology to make our games run well
and look great on OS X haven't been available yet. We're hoping all of
this has shaped up in the final OS X release, so we can really produce
world class games for OS X.

Westlake always seems to have the gamer's best interest at heart. As Mac OS X final arrives on the desk of Mac game developers everywhere, we'll bring you their first impressions of Steve Jobs' magical new OS and how it stacks up from a gaming perspective.

Apple PR: MacOS X Goes GM

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