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Wednesday, March 7, 2001

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Yet Another Red Faction Preview
9:29 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

PC news sources keep cranking out these previews of Volition's upcoming shooter Red Faction on a weekly basis, but this one was interesting enough (and featured nice enough screen shots) that we thought we'd pass it on to you. Red Faction is of course a first-person action/adventure set on Mars, with remarkable engine technology and stunning visuals. The Mac version of Red Faction will be published by GraphSim when the PC/Mac version of the title are complete late this Summer.

Red Faction's designers are quick to stress that the game isn't just a technology demo -- there is also a deep plot behind the action which will involve allies, enemies, stealth and open warfare. Here is an excerpt with details on the storyline:

As for Red Faction itself, it's a veritable Martian chronicle. "The story takes place on Mars. You will assume the role of Parker, a young man who's left behind a pretty promising life on Earth," explained Tsai. "He's become disillusioned with his life so he heads off to Mars and the Ultor Mining Corporation hoping he'll find himself, hoping to get away from it all." Apparently he's shocked at what he finds there: atrocities, abuse, and rampant disease. The conditions on the Mars mining colony are so deplorable that he quickly falls in with a burgeoning workers union of sorts and ends up planning a rebellion against its oppressors. "That's where the game begins," continues Tsai. "You take Parker, who has become a key figure in the revolution, and goes from the first little spark of dissent between the workers and management all the way to the climax that takes place in outer space itself."
For more details on this shooter, check out the rest of the preview. While this game will most likely require some mighty hardware to run well, the price of that GeForce 3 card will be down from the stratosphere by then... we hope.

Red Faction Preview at CGOnline
Red Faction

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