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Tuesday, March 6, 2001
Nightfall Postmortem, Interview
1:43 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Two new articles at iDevGames look back with David Rees of Altor Systems on their 3D adventure game, Nightfall. The first article is a postmortem written by Rees about what went right and wrong with the game's development. It's interesting to see how Nightfall was made (including a part about licensing some Nanosaur technology from Pangea). Here's an excerpt:

In retrospect, Nightfall was ahead of it's time. RealMyst has followed in our footsteps, and according to the reviews you need a serious Pentium III + 3D graphics card for smooth operation. We had to limit some aspects of the game, so that it would run without a 3D card on the 100MHz PowerMacs which were around. The single most common criticism we received in reviews of Nightfall was the scarcity of sound effects. On the Mac, sound samples and effects are mixed and played back in software, and can chew up between 2-15% of the CPU. By being ambitious, we aimed high, and something had to be cut near the end of the project. Unfortunately sound was the major casualty of this. Better accuracy in figuring out our target platform would have helped avoid this situation.
The postmortem is filled with other technical goodies about what went on behind the scenes. Be sure to head over and give the rest a read.

The second article is an interview with Rees discussing his feelings about making games for the Mac (especially in the slim days before the iMac), as well as some more details on the 3D engine used for Nightfall. Here's a clip:

Are you working towards Mac OS X compatibility?

The engine is Carbonized, and runs on the Beta. Before Mac and Windows I was (and am) a Unix user, so I can see a lot of potential in OSX.

Online Multiplayer games are extremely popular, have you considered adding this feature?

We are looking into it. It turns out a lot of the things we did for Nightfall make it a good candidate for this genre.

Both articles are well-done, so read through the rest for more info. If you're looking for a real blast-from-the-past, check out IMG's review of Nightfall, posted back in fall of 1999.

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