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Monday, March 5, 2001
Alien Nations in Beta Testing
5:16 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

In late July IMG brought you the news that Hyperion Interactive's partner/publisher Titan Computer would be bringing the RTS Alien Nations to the Mac OS. For some time, there has been little news from Titan, except for their release of the shooter Shogo, but now the web site has been updated with the news that Titan is seeking beta testers.

Alien Nations was published by Simon and Schuster for the PC in the US under the name Amazons and Aliens in late 2000; IMG actually got our first glimpse of this game at E3 back in 1999. Developed by Neo and published overseas by JoWood, this title has indeed had many handlers, so to speak. A 2D RTS title with many interesting innovations (such as diplomacy and trade/exports) this title should have modest system requirements, yet takes advantage of 3D hardware as well.

Here are some details culled from the official Alien Nations web site:

One of the main features of "Alien Nations" is the interaction and confrontation of three completely different nations. The Pimmons are cute little fantasy creatures with magic powers. The Amazons are pretty humanoids and the Sajikis are ravenous insects.

Building a Civilisation

ALIEN NATIONS is an exciting mixture of "God game" and real-time strategy game. The player selects one nation and begins with a small main building. Around this building, he constructs houses and specialist buildings. Gradually, a booming microcosm will develop, growing into a town. Raw materials have to be found. Newly-arrived inhabitants are trained in the schools as masons, wood-cutters, researchers, etc. They are then able to play their part in the growth and expansion of their nation.

Research is undertaken so that new knowledge and capabilities make life easier and more secure.

One decisive phase in the life of a new nation is its first contact to the other nations. Can they live in peace, allowing profitable trade to develop? Or will it come to war and have the right preparations been made? Diplomacy plays a decisive role in this.


- Enormous 3-D terrain

- Three different nations

- 75 different buildings and 85 different professions

- Unlimited zoom function

- Diplomacy

- Trade

- Research with 100 technologies to be discovered

- A living world - with wild animals and people that go about their daily work

- A school system to train the inhabitants

- Experience levels for military units

- First-class, highly detailed graphics with entertaining animations

- Lots of fun

- Easy to use interface

- Campaigns with 10 different missions per nation

- Multi-player option

- Supports 3D cards

For those of you with access to a PC, there is a downloadable demo of the game available from the official site. Watch for more details on this game in the near future.

Titan Computer
Amazons and Aliens Web Site (Simon and Schuster)
Alien Nations Web Site (JoWood)
Alien Nations Coming to Mac OS

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