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Monday, March 5, 2001

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Mac Rune Patch Status
11:22 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new report from HumanHead's Chris Rhinehart has been recently posted to the official web site about the status and details of the upcoming patch for Rune. The update will have many changes such as new features, bug fixes, and gameplay balancing. Here's a list of some of the new things included in the PC patch:

- ModMenu (thanks to Rus 'Nurial' Clark for this)

- GameType list in Multiplayer Join Menu

- Shields block thrown weapons

- Attacking can block a thrown weapon

- Climbing out of water retrieves previously stowed weapon automatically

- SarkRagnar added back to the multiplayer select screen (cheating problems fixed)

- New female model, Jun.

- SubstituteMesh system which will make adding new meshes much easier (more on this later when the patch is released)

- Player can shield defend much faster

- Added functionality to allow head to operate like other weapons (in that you can pick them up after first bounce)

- Limb severing can now be enabled/disabled
Check out the RuneGame page for more details on what will change in the patch.

Be aware that Westlake Interactive will need to port the patch to the Mac OS, as it makes some fundamental changes to the game's code. President Mark Adams was nice enough to give us word on when this will happen:

We're waiting for their patch to be released before we look at it. At that
point we'll get the code and see how big a code change it is. Since this is
the only major Rune patch they've done, the odds are very good we'll do it
pretty quickly if they didn't radically rewrite the game.
We also asked Mark about a few of the Mac-specific bugs in the current version of the game. Here's what he had to say on them:
The only major Mac-specific bugs we plan to address right now are
compatibility with the GeForce cards and a rendering bug on Radeons.
We'll keep on this and let you know as soon as anything new is available from Westlake. If you still haven't tried Rune, be sure to download the demo from MacGameFiles and read through our review of the game.

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