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Friday, March 2, 2001
Sickware Demos Open Design of Target Korea
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Ever since we noted that Sickware was creating a cross-platform, open-architecture flight simulator known as Target Korea, Mac flight sim junkies have been hungry for information. Feeding this need, Sickware's development team (known as Targetware) has released details on the first user-made skin developed for the title to emphasize the open architecture and community-based development they are incorporating into the title. By building a flight sim with room for community input and actual development, Sickware and Targetware are hoping to create the ultimate flight sim -- one that does exactly what longtime sim fans have always wanted a title to do. From the look of the screen shots, they are well on their way. Here's an excerpt from the press release:

The Targetware series of online combat flight simulators, are based upon a
unique physics engine developed for both the Windows and Macintosh platforms
by Sickware, a privately held company located in San Francisco, California.
Sickware operates as a virtual corporation comprised of an international
development staff from three countries.

Today, Targetware announced certification of the first aircraft skin
developed by a member of the flight simulation community. The add-on skin
is titled "Paper Tiger" and is based upon the aircraft of Capt. Harold "Hal"
Fischer of the 39th Fighter Squadron. Capt. Fischer scored 10 victories in
the Korean conflict before being shot down over China and becoming a POW.
Actual in-game (un-retouched) screenshots of his unique checkered tail Mig
killer of the 39th FIS / 51st FIW, may be viewed at

This skin itself was created by Mike "Oil Can" Caulk, who many in the
community will recognize from his custom skins for Rowan's MiG Alley and his
"MiG Alley Skin Central" website.

It should be noted that players may fly their F86-F30 Sabre in the actual
game using this unique skin, or any other provided by Targetware and the
add-on development community. It will then be seen exactly as illustrated
by all other players within the game, making it clearly distinct from other
aircraft of exactly the same type. Using this unique capability of
Targetware's "open architecture," entire groups of players may represent
their individual squad identifications and personal aircraft markings, as
opposed to all aircraft types looking exactly the same. To date, this
capability has been extremely limited within massively multi-player on-line
flight simulations. Its availability in Targetware products presents
outstanding opportunities for the creation of more historical and realistic
community events.

For those new to this flight sim, be sure and check out our past articles on the subject for more details. Visit the Target Korea web site for screen shots and information.

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