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Thursday, March 1, 2001

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Ken Hoekstra on Elite Force Add-On
10:59 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Daily Radar spoke to Raven Software's Ken Hoekstra about the just-announced add-on pack for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force which is due this Spring. While this expansion pack is for the PC version only, we are sure Aspyr Media is keeping an eye on this as a possible future project. The interview discusses some of the new features and gametypes that will be included in the add-on pack, as well as Ken's reactions to the success of the title and the many accolades it received from fans and the press. Here is an excerpt about a very Trek-themed game type:

DR: What about the multiplayer component? Can you talk a little bit about the class-based game you're working on? One thing we've always wanted to do is conquer other lesser beings by assimilating them to our point of view -- so will there be a cool sort of Borg-conquers-all mode?

KH: The multiplayer component consists of over 20 new maps, 11 new Holomatch skins and several game modifiers for the existing multiplayer games. There is a Borg Assimilation game type now, where one team plays as the Borg Queen and a bunch of drones, while the other team plays as the Federation or other "good guys." The good guys attempt to destroy the Borg queen while the Borg attempt to assimilate their enemies. Once assimilated, you must join the Borg in their attempt to recruit all of your former teammates.

Other modifiers include a class-based player system, a disintegration mode and a last-team-standing mode. There are six player types you can choose from in the class-based system, including Infiltrator, Medic, Technician, Demolitionist, Heavy Weapons and Sniper. Each class has different ability variables like speed, jump height, armor, damage and accuracy. It's a nice change of pace, especially for team-play modes.

It sounds like many popular third-party Q3A mods have inspired some of the addtions to this adventure game/shooter. We'll be sure and let you know the instant we have a concrete answer about this expansion pack from Aspyr Media. Elite Force has been a big hit with IMG readers (7.7 out of ten average score) and MGF visitors (15,000+ downloads, 4.5 Joystick rating); if you haven't read our review or tried the demo, follow the links below.

STV: Elite Force Demo (115 MB)
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Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

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