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Tuesday, February 27, 2001
Red Faction Screens, Sys Req's
9:02 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Volition's Mike Breault made an interesting post to the Red Faction forums earlier this month, discussing the systems used to develop the game. The good news is that, until recently, each of the designers only had a P2-400 and a Voodoo 2 -- the equivalent of an iMac DV SE! Furthermore the game performs well with this setup, and they have yet to optimize for speed. Here's more from Breault on the issue:

I am running the game on a PII-400 MHz with 256 MB RAM. Up until about two weeks ago, I had 128 MB RAM. I have a GeForce 2 card; I had a Voodoo2 up until 2-3 months ago. I normally have about 10 applications open while running the game, including the editor.

Almost everyone on the team had computers with similar stats as mine, up until about two weeks ago. At that time, we did a company-wide upgrade of computers. A lot of people are now running 800MhZ-1GHz CPUs. This is not because of RF. It was a planned company-wide upgrade that was actually put delayed so as not to disrupt the work of the RF team (about half the team members [me included] are holding off on their upgrades until we're done with RF, so we don't need it to run the game or editor). Some of the artists were having trouble with 3D Studio Max before the upgrade, which seems to be a real resource hog.

As far as how well the game performs on a PII-400, that's something that won't be determined until it's done and all optimizations are in. How well it runs on our minimum platform is very important to us. We're not going to list that as our minimum requirement if gameplay isn't acceptable on it.

To go a little further, with a real-life example, I've taken the unoptimized version of RF and played it on my PII-300 w/128 MB RAM and Voodoo2 card at home. It plays better than Rogue Spear, Giants, and No One Lives Forever on my home system. That's the unoptimized build.

While it's far too early in the development process to be citing final system requirements, it is good to see the developers using somewhat low-end equipment to create the game. When we get an idea of the Mac requirements likely later this year, we'll be sure to pass them along.

In related news, VoodooExtreme has scored two great new high-resolution screen shots of the upcoming FPS, Red Faction. Head over to have a look and see why you might be excited about this game. Unfortunately, the title was recently pushed back from a spring release for the Mac and PC to a completion date of later this summer or even early fall. GraphSim will still be doing the publishing for the Mac version of Red Faction once it's finished later this year.

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