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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Blackbeard Gets A Second Chance
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Independent developer Rocket City Studios recently announced a new addition to its upcoming debut video game, Second Chance Heroes. Edward "Blackbeard" Teach will join the eclectic cast of player characters in the game. The action title gives players the chance to take the role of one of 12 unique warriors cloned from the DNA of famous historical figures like Joan of Arc and Abraham Lincoln, battling hordes of aliens, robots, and undead bent on destroying the world. Players can join forces with up to three other players to smash their enemies.


Notorious sea captain and scourge of the Caribbean. Resorted to piracy only after his dreams of opening a boutique cupcake bakery fell through.

Blackbeard uses a spectral anchor to drag his enemies into close-quarters, stunning them and setting them up to be run through with his enormous cutlass.


    Shiver Me Timbers!

    Someone's been dunking his cutlass in high-octane rum again. Blackbeard uses his blazing sword to slash through enemies with this arcing melee attack.

    Get Over H'YARRR!!!

    Blackbeard summons a spectral anchor and uses it to drag enemies toward himself. It also stuns affected targets, making it easy to cut them down to size.

Check out the site below for more about the game.

Second Chance Heroes: Blackbeard Bio
Second Chance Heroes

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