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Monday, June 10, 2013
Kickstarting Tesla Breaks The World!
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Micah Hymer recently emailed us about a new Kickstarter campaign to fund Tesla Breaks The World!, a planned 2D platformer featuring Nicola Tesla, puzzle solving, inventions, randomly generated levels, and zombies from the 1800's. The Kickstarter will be successful if the $5,500 goal is reached by July 6.

A hearty 'good day' to you sir! If it is not too presumptuous, I would dare to take a few minutes of your time to sell you chaps on this little game called Tesla Breaks The World! (lovingly paraphrased as 'TBTW!'). A rather handsome 2D platformer developed by Archetype Global for the PC, Mac & Linux. TBTW is a combination of platforming, puzzle solving, amazing inventions, randomly-generating levels and of course, zombies...

Set in the late 1800's, Nikola Tesla's latest invention: The Micro-Portable Magnifying Transmitter Device, has puzzlingly managed to reanimate the dead. This anomaly has all the markings of the nefarious genius, Thomas Edison!

Now, our old boy Tesla must set out across country, city, and laboratory to confront his arch-nemesis and fix the broken world! All the while solving puzzles, jumping over bottomless voids and surviving hordes of 1800's-era zombies. Sounds like a bit of a scrape I dare say…

  • Pleasuring your eye balls. The art of TBTW! is a unique, hand-drawn style that draws inspiration from classic cartoons, abstract & modern art and the legendary works of Eyvind Earle.
  • Simple mechanics. We're creating a game that has a simple, yet intuitive gameplay and puzzle design with a clean and minimalistic UI.
  • Inventions & Progression. Find new ways to beat puzzles as you progress. Unlock cool gadgets, Magnifying transmitters, electric-powered hover platform thingies, x-rays, tesla coils, remote controls and even... "Peace Rays"...
  • Efficiency. The less efficiently you are able to solve puzzles, the more likely zombies will spawn around you. Use your inventions wisely or expect things to get even more complicated...
  • RANDOM! RNG or 'random number generation'. Get some replayability from this platformer with levels randomly generating sectors, puzzles and environments as you play (or replay)...
  • Homage. Giving the nod to science and art with tribute to the legendary minds of Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Eyvind Earle and more...
Click over to the page below for more details.

Tesla Breaks The World! Kickstarter

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