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Friday, February 23, 2001
GeForce 3 Conference Call, Part 2
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If you haven't read part one of this transcript, be sure to do so first!

Of course another subject weighing heavily on the mind of Mac gamers is the availability of this product to the masses: currently only Apple will be manufacturing and distributing the card, and perhaps charging a heavy premium for that service. On the PC side, price wars between several competing manufacturers can cause graphics card prices to drop extremely quickly, as happened with the V5 and GeForce 2 cards on the market. So, will there be another source for the GeForce 3 for the Mac?

We’ve actually been working with a number of traditional add-on card
manufacturers and some of them have expressed interest in developing a
product for the retail shelf for the Macintosh. And as soon as one of those
makes sense and productizes it, we’re happy to sell the chips.

Again, NVIDIA has no plans as a company to sell a board directly to the end
user. But if a Formac or a Macintosh-centric [company] wants to productize a Mac
version we’d love to work with them.

Although the idea of a return to Mac-only graphics cards made by Mac manufacturers seems a remote possibility, considering how many of those companies went belly-up in the past, even a hint of a third-party GeForce card is splendid news. We have also heard Formac's name dropped before, but their line is currently based on the Permedia series of chips.

Although we're sure all of you are extremely excited about the GeForce 3, we're doubly sure that the $600.00 price tag gave you pause. On the PC side, NVIDIA tends to hit all price points; for instance the GeForce 2 line ranges from the GeForce 2 MX ($100) up to the GeForce 2 Ultra ($400+). Will such a diversification of the product line happen with the GeForce 3?

Well, I can’t announce future products, but if you look at our history, you
can draw your own conclusions.
And finally, a sticky issue for all Mac lovers: will the PC still beat our brains in when it comes to game performance, as historically has been the case? While those with older and current Mac systems can't expect a quantum leap in performance with the GeForce 3, due to processor speed and memory bandwidth issues, those who buy future Apple models might expect that performance gap to close. Here are Tomasi's thoughts on the matter:
We have done some comparisons cross-platform and the Macintosh does very,
very well. In fact, for a lot of applications, particularly applications
that we tend to like at NVIDIA, which we call graphics limited applications,
the Macintosh is equal in performance related to the PC platform for a lot
of those applications.

So typically those would be applications that are running at medium to
higher resolutions and have anti-aliasing turned on and/or are making
extensive use of our graphics processors. To the extent that applications do
that, in other words, the load of the graphics processor, then it puts less
of the load on the host CPU and therefore less pressure on pure CPU Mhz.

I’m sure there’s going to be cases that come up where the PC might be
faster…a 1.5 gigahertz PC might be faster than a Macintosh. But I know there
are cases where the Macintosh is actually faster than the PC as well. It’s
just one of those things that your mileage varies based on the application.
But there’s no major performance delta between the two, particularly for
graphics-centric types of applications.

A diplomatic answer, to be sure, but a satisfying one nonetheless.

We'll be sure to bring you more details (including exact specifications, for the tech-heads) as soon as they are available. In the meantime, be sure and check out the results posted on other web sites of their conference call with NVIDIA as well.

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