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Thursday, February 22, 2001
GeoMAME, CPSMame Updated
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IMG Network member MacEmuScene is reporting that Andrew Blum has updated both the GeoMAME and CPSMAME projects recently. These are specialized, slimmed-down versions of the MAME emulator that are designed to run Neo Geo and Capcom games, respectively. In addition to a smaller download size and streamlined interface, they also offer additional abilities such as CPU over/underclocking and extended compatibility.

GeoMAME has been updated to 0.37b10c; this version updates the compatibility list to include all the games added in the latest version of MacMAME, including Metal Slug X and King of Fighters 99. CPSMAME adds support for Super Street Figher Turbo, as well as some bugfixes.

For details and downloads, visit the respective pages below.

Mac EmuScene
GeoMAME Web Site

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