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Thursday, September 6, 2012

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GUTS Announced
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 6 comments

Big Men Games has announced development on GUTS, an
upcoming title which combines "Diablo-style action with turn-based gameplay." Players take the role of an orphan boy struggling to slaughter hordes of monsters in his quest to avenge and reclaim his homeworld.

Guts is a game that mixes Diablo-style action with turn-based gameplay. It is being crafted by two Big Men. One of which worked for Blizzard Entertainment for 8 years.

You'll assume the role of a young orphan. A boy who was forged in the furnace of suffering. Be him as he rises up with a big heart ready to avenge his sundering homeworld. Reclaiming that which has been lost for centuries, or die trying.


  • PC, Mac and Linux release, no DRM.
  • Cut through hordes of enemies while the distant screams of electric guitars glorify your power!
  • One life. Die and you're dead, kid. The stakes are high.
  • Different every time you play. Items and encounters will be random for maximum replay value.
  • Legendary spell effects and game mechanics.
  • Efficient. GUTS will have very low system requirements.
  • Over twenty different monsters. Each with unique game-changing abilities. For example: Bats clone themselves on attack, overwhelming you quickly!
  • Simple to play. The entire game will be playable with just the mouse.
  • Powerful, unique items. There will be rare items which change how you play significantly, like the Silk Sash, which grants the player permanent counter-attack.
  • Affordable. GUTS will retail for $5.
About Big Men Games:
We're a couple of Big Men making games. We live and breathe games. We're hardcore nerds, outcasts; games anchor us to society, they're heat sinks for our imagination. We make games because we feel compelled to. We'll be making games until we're homeless; on our deathbeds, we'll still be making games.

We're heavily inspired by companies like IDEO, and creative visionaries like Jim Henson. Nassim Taleb would call our process "Stochastic Tinkering". Basically we try squillions of ideas in an attempt to find something great, periodically checking in with potential customers for feedback.

GUTS is now in open alpha stage for Mac, Linux, and Windows PCs. Learn more at the link below.


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