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Thursday, June 21, 2012
Bringing Cyberpunk To Computers
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has posted a new interview with CD Projekt CEO Marcin Iwinski about Cyberpunk, CD Projekt RED's upcoming sci-fi role-playing game. The developer discussed several topics including copy protection schemes, why they chose the Cyberpunk universe, and when the company might base a game on a world of their own creation.

RPS: Why did you decide on Cyberpunk for your next game? What drew you to that specific license and world?

Iwinski: We were looking at the settings we were interested in, and obviously, Cyberpunk was something close to the hearts of a lot of people on the team. I personally didn’t play [at the time], but the bulk of the studio was playing. So when we approached Mike Pondsmith, the team was like “Wow, we never thought we’d get to meet the creator.”

But it’s a great setting, and it allows us to build a fantastic RPG. So if you look at how we approached The Witcher, we wanted to eliminate the risks that could possibly lead to a bad game. When you’re starting a game, you need the technology, so we licensed the Aurora Engine. You have to have a setting, world, and story, so we took The Witcher books. And then we just focused on making a great game. That was already very challenging on The Witcher 1. We spent five years developing it. Then in Witcher 2, we already had our own technology, and the setting was still the well-proven Witcher world.

RPS: Is there any interest at CD Projekt in breaking out of that cycle and creating wholly unique worlds – removed from someone else’s license?

Iwinski: We definitely want to do things right. So obviously, we’re not abandoning The Witcher. We’re not talking about what’s next right now, but you can guess it’ll be happening sometime in the future. And then there’s Cyberpunk [occupying our other team]. So, for the foreseeable future, that’s what we’ll be focusing on. And these aren’t just books or – in Cyberpunk’s case – pen-and-paper games. They’re worlds. And they allow us to tell great stories with different kinds of gameplay. And we probably could’ve just stuck with The Witcher, but it’s a new setting. So it’s great for our developers who wanted to try different things. Because, for some, it’s like “How many more years will I be working on swords?” So now they can work on great guns or implants. I think that’s a good balance for us.

I’m not saying “no” [to the idea of a wholly original IP], but we’ll take probably a long time to come up with a system.

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