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Thursday, June 21, 2012

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Divinity: Dragon Commander Previewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story has posted another new preview of Divinity: Dragon Commander from Larian Studios. The fantasy based strategy title puts players in the role of a young dragon knight who must fight for the survival of his land when his father, the king, is murdered.

Dragon Commander basically combines three different types of games into a holy trinity of gaming:
  • Turn based strategy, similar to board games such as Risk or Diplomacy, or various turn-based 4x PC games.
  • Real time strategy. Battles are fought in the air amid floating platforms, land, and various airships. This part of the game reminded me a lot of Homeworld.
  • 3rd-person action. During the RTS battles, you can take control of dragon and use its formidable powers to turn the tide of battle for your forces.
During the turn-base/board game phase of the game, you will direct research into magic and technology, wage wars on multiple fronts, and (perhaps most interestingly) manage the relationships with the ambassadors of the various races under your banner...

The battles are largely fought amid floating platforms, where factories, defensive emplacements, and other structures were very quickly built. The battle ramped up very quickly—I didn’t get the impression the RTS portion of the game requires a lengthy “build” phase before salvos of cannon fire rip through the clouds between fleets...

The dragon is effectively the 'fighter jet' of Dragon Commander, and has vastly superior maneuverability to the warships.

With gun fire spraying in every direction between battling warships, you definitely get the sense of being a fighter pilot in sea of battleships. It’s like a science-fantasy-steampunk version of the massive space battles in Star Wars.

Read more at the page linked below. Dragon Commander Preview
Divinity: Dragon Commander

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