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Monday, November 28, 2011

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Guns Of Icarus Online First Gameplay Footage
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

Muse Games has released a short trailer featuring gameplay footage from the company's upcoming MMO, Guns of Icarus Online. In development for Mac and Windows PCs, the multiplayer airship combat game will challenge players to "survive and thrive in a post apocalyptic wasteland, moving from town to town, trading and collecting resources, outfitting ships, and battling deadly pirates."

A New Age

At least one hundred years have passed since the Great War consumed the planet. One hundred years since the human race ate hungrily of mother earth, squandering resources that could have carried them forward for millennia.

In the heat of the sun, there is an unsettling, inescapable truth: man has fallen from his throne.

Humanity now lives amongst the ruins left by a century of conflict, but from the wrecked steel of the past they will forge their own future. Lighter-than-air technology has inspired intrepid pioneers to take to the skies in search of trade and resources to support their towns and families. Enterprising craftsman fashion elaborate machines out of scavenged scraps. The desperate and ruthless take what they can by force.

Despite all that was lost, a renewed passion for invention has emerged and a deep respect for the fragility of life. Explorers and philosophers both travel in search of lost knowledge now scattered beneath the wastes.

The survivors are inventors, pilots, captains, craftsman, adventurers, fighters, privateers, merchants, engineers, farmers and scholars. They herald a new age for humanity: an age of rebirth.

What is Guns of Icarus Online?

Guns of Icarus Online is a multiplayer airship combat game where you will attempt to survive and thrive in the post apocalyptic wasteland, moving from town to town, trading and collecting resources, outfitting your ship, and battling deadly pirates.

Every ship can have multiple human or NPC crew members. With a flexible skill and leveling system, every crewman brings something unique to the ship, and no one sits idle during a firefight. With many airships to outfit, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, it will take a competent captain to make the most out of each trip. Dangers will be lurking everywhere, and they won’t just be pirate ambushes. Expect to find opposing players out hunting for your cargo as well.

What are dynamic towns?

Each town in Guns of Icarus competes and trades with its neighbors to survive in the wasteland. Your reputation will rise and fall with your actions in each town, opening and closing new options elsewhere for profit. Don’t like how the towns run things? Soar into the unknown and find new resources to establish a town of your own. Join other players to make your town prosper while defending it from raiders who want to plunder your riches. Your actions will quite literally shape the face of the world.

This sounds a lot like an MMO…

Guns of Icarus Online has a great deal of MMO features and technology supporting it. We will have a large, persistant, multiplayer world for players to interact with. However, our focus at launch will be on making PvP and Cooperative multiplayer gameplay great – as these are the core experiences of Guns of Icarus. Rest assured, we intend to continually update content and features as our world expands.

Read more about the game and check out the trailer at the links below.

Guns Of Icarus Trailer
Muse Games
Guns Of Icarus Online
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