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Tuesday, January 30, 2001
On Deus Ex Music
10:52 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Fansite DeusEx Machina has posted an extensive interview with Alex Brandon, the artist behind the music soundtrack of first person action/adventure Deus Ex as well as the upcoming sequel (known as DX2, currently) and Thief III. While he doesn't supply much information on the actual creation of or inspiration behind Deus Ex's low-key, atmospheric music, he does provide details on his equipment and advice on how to break into the video game music biz.

Here's an excerpt about how much freedom he had as an artist during the creation of the Deus Ex soundtrack:

DeusEx Machina: What kind of input do you get from the rest of the development team so that your music fits the theme of the game? Are you allowed to pretty much go with your gut instinct and be as creative as you want?

Yep on the second question, but its all about knowing different game types and writing to suit them. UT, for instance, needs fast paced hardcore driving beats and heavy instrumentation. Deus Ex needed more dynamic music to match different situations. The team members definitely have individual ideas about what music they see… level designers are usually my more constant feedback supply because they're attached more closely to individual levels, and the lead designer will give overall approval based on his vision as well.

For more details on the creation and creative process behind Alex's music, follow the link below. Deus Ex was of course published for the Mac OS by Aspyr Media last Summer. For Mac-specific Deus Ex information, be sure and visit Mac Deus Ex for mods, cheats and walkthroughs.

DeusEx Machina Interviews Alex Brandon
Mac Deus Ex

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