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Tuesday, January 30, 2001
Myth III Q&A
10:01 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

GA-Strategy has published an interview with Scott Campbell, former Ritual designer and now the Lead Design for Myth III: The Wolf Age, currently in production by the newly-formed Mumbo Jumbo. While the Q&A is very short and accompanied by the two concept-art images seen before, more details are revealed about the storyline and planned engine improvements. Here is an excerpt:

With so many titles now mixing genres, just what type of game will Myth III: The Wolf Age be?

I believe the official genre would be called "Squad Tactical RTS" or something like that. If you have played the first two games, you'll be familiar with the type of gameplay we're going for. What we are focusing on is cutting edge graphical enhancements. The previous games were far ahead of their time for physics modeling and addicting real-time gameplay.

We are keeping all the things that made the original Myth series great while re-working the graphics engine to run in a completely 3D Open GL world. All the units will now be low-poly 3D models with hundreds of animations. Even the trees, bushes, and grass will be 3D models that can sway in the wind and bend when walked through. The titanic level terrain maps will be fully 16-bit textures with high-resolution detail maps that will keep the ground sharp to the pixel, even when zoomed into a warrior's boot.

Campbell also mentions that they will have something to show at E3 this year, which is just four months away. By adding to the existing engine rather than building their own, Mumbo Jumbo hopes to keep an extremely aggressive development schedule, going from concept to final boxed product in less than twelve months. Myth III is due this Christmas for Mac and PC, and will be published by Gathering of Developers. If you missed our own Q&A with the Mumbo Jumbo team, follow the link below for more details on this anticipated sequel.

IMG Interviews Mumbo Jumbo
GA-Strategy Inteview with Scott Campbell

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