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Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Land Air Sea Warfare Updated
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Isotope 244 recently releaseed a new update for Land Air Sea Warfare for Macs. Version 2.0 of the strategy titles includes a variety of changes and additions including a new tactical map, new units, and improved AI.

Major Changes Since v1.01:

  • New tactical map, it's a big minimap mode with detailed icons so you
    can have an immediate overhead view of the whole battle with more
    details than the minimap can provide. You can do everything in the
    tactical map you can do in the game, select units, group, move,
    attack, build and place units, queue factories.
  • New feature Elite units that gain experience levels with more kills
    and display medals based on level and tech.
  • New feature Newts can now convert enemy units!
  • New T1 AA defensive unit GAAM
  • Many AI updates and changes to make it smarter, and harder on Robotic setting
  • French, German, and Italian translations now included!
  • New orders menu with icons, order descriptions, and new commands
    such as follow and salvage a unit
  • Easier to use interface. Click and hold to set groups and double
    click to quickly view groups.
  • Massive performance increases, 42% increase in blended water
    rendering speed, 30-40% increase fog rendering speed
  • New feature to display health bars when units are attacked
  • Moving multiple units at once now moves the units while holding the
    same formation they started with (if the units start close together)
  • On large displays the game no longer draws fillers on bottom sides
    for a better view of the game
  • Unit balancing for many units
  • Check out the link below for more information.

    Land Air Sea Warfare
    Buy Land Air Sea Warfare

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