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Thursday, November 18, 2010

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The Asskickers To Target White Collar Corruption
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

AGO Games released some new information about The Asskickers, a new 2D "beat'em up" inspired by classic arcade action games of the 90's. The company's debut project will feature three heroes on a mission to punish white collar criminals. The game will include heroes with different fighting styles, pencil drawn sprites, over seven levels, and the option of two player cooperative action.

The white-collar threat
In 2010, the real menace to society is not the punk who’s going to steal grandma’s purse to pay for his next fix, but the unscrupulous banker who encourages his clients place their money in high-risk investments, just so that he’ll get his big year-end bonus.

The Asskickers targets this new “white-collar” menace, portrayed by
  • irresponsible traders who have destroyed jobs, pension plans and homes by losing billions in shady business deals
  • greedy managers who played blind to these practices and who tried to hide the reality of the situation and its consequences from their clients
  • crooked politicians who pretend to serve the greater good while supporting the massive lobbies which financed their campaigns
  • Daddy’s little boys and girls who think that their social status and parents’ connections give them the right to do anything they like
Well, AGO Games has bad news for them and all those who play their game: The Asskickers are here to take names and kick some asses!

Who are The Asskickers?
From the imagination of Stanislas Berton, The Asskickers are three heroes linked by a common practice of martial arts, who will use their combat skills to defend their innocence and freedom by kicking the corrupted asses of all those who get in their way. With the help of these three heroes, you will be able to confront the white-collar menace and pay them back hit for hit in a game that literally pulls no punches and has its tongue firmly in cheek.

“Now, you know which asses you are going to kick!”
Asskickers is scheduled for release in early 2011. Follow the links below to learn more.

AGO Games
The Asskickers
Buy The Asskickers

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