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Thursday, August 19, 2010

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New Dragon Age DLC Available
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 8 comments

TransGaming has announced the release of new downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins through its GameTreeOnline store. The company has added Dark Spawn Chronicles and Leliana's Song in addition to the previously announced Return to Ostagar DLC.

New DLC available: Dragon Age: Origins - "Dark Spawn Chronicles"
You now fight as the Darkspawn! The city of Denerim, jewel of Ferelden, girds itself for war. As a hurlock vanguard, you alone hold the power to make thralls of your fellow darkspawn and drive them into the heat of battle. Heed the archdemon's call Denerim must burn!

New DLC available: Dragon Age: Origins - "Leliana's Song"
Assume the role of Leliana, a young bard involved in a criminal ring that deals in political secrets. Accompanying her mentor Marjolaine on a high-risk mission, Leliana soon finds herself entangled in a game of intrigue that she cannot escape with just her beauty, charm, or stealth. The only way out of this game is to kill or be killed.

New DLC available: Dragon Age: Origins - "Return to Ostagar"
Your memories of the battle of Ostagar will haunt you for years to come. It laid waste to your order and claimed the lives of many great men and women, including the brash young King Cailan and your mentor, Duncan.
Now, there are rumors that a fellow survivor of the battle has escaped from captivity and is seeking the Grey Wardens' help. The time has come for the Grey Wardens to make their return to Ostagar and exact their revenge upon the darkspawn.

Return to Ostagar and Dark Spawn Chronicles cost $5, while Leliana's Song is available for $7. Follow the links below for more information.

Dragon Age: Origins DLC
Dragon Age: Origins

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Archives  News  New Dragon Age DLC Available