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Friday, June 25, 2010

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City of Heroes Super Booster V: Mutant Pack Now Available
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

NCSoft recently announced the release of City of Heroes Super Booster V: Mutant, a new set of mutation themed costumes, emotes, and a new power available for purchase from the NCSoft store. The booster enables the new features for all characters on an account.

David Nakayama, City of Heroes' Art Lead and Floyd Grubb, Senior Powers Designer, also recently shared some information about the new super booster pack in a developer diary from PC Gamer.

Harness the powers of mutation in City of Heroes® Super Booster V: Mutant now available at the NCsoft® store. This new super booster evolves character customization to a higher order with its fantastic Organic Armor and Bioluminescent costume sets.

For the first time ever, costume pieces can also have their own unique glows! Super Booster V: Mutant also comes with three bizarre costume change emotes and the new Secondary Mutation power, which unlocks the incredible potential within your character's DNA!

After much excitement generated by the testing of Super Booster V: Mutant on the North American Training Room, our European and North American code giveaway as well as the posting of the new costume change emotes on our Facebook page, the wait is now over! So wait no more and head over to the NCsoft store now to embrace the mutant within!
From PCGamer:
BIOLUMINESCENT represents the change-from-within concept of post-humanity: with these parts, your hero or villain is clearly changing at a genetic level and doing so in style–with tintable glows that really pop in dark environments. Given the new glow tech, we immediately looked to actual examples from nature for inspiration and got the set’s name along the way. Production art from James Cameron’s The Abyss also came in handy. The patterns themselves were designed to fit several different character types at once, and we tried to avoid anything too tech-y or too tribal.

ORGANIC ARMOR represents the other side of the coin: external change-from-without. With these parts, you can achieve a carapace/exoskeleton look, as if your character is growing a new skin or shell or perhaps being taken over by a symbiotic entity. And for added visual punch, you get the tintable glows here too. In terms of inspiration, both Senior Character Artist Jay Doherty and I were thinking along the same lines for this one: densely overlapping organic shapes like you’d see in the work of Japanese artist Yasushi Nirasawa.
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