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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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The Unique Art Of Plants Vs. Zombies
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 4 comments

The Escapist recently posted a new interview with PopCap Games' Rich Werner, Lead Artist for the casual defense title Plants vs. Zombies. The developer discussed the creation of PvZ, its popularity, and the importance of the artwork in the game's success.

"It may have taken us around three years to make [Plants vs. Zombies]," says Werner, "but I think the outcome was well worth the long development cycle."

Three years for a casual game? That is almost as blasphemous as ... well, a casual zombie game. According to Werner, all of PopCap's games are made this way, by testing and refining a core mechanic until it feels right, thoughtfully considering every detail, heavily polishing and obsessively designing everything. To hear him describe the process, the design teams at PopCap seem more like ancient craftsmen than game developers.

"We didn't take any shortcuts on Plants vs. Zombies," says Werner. "It was less of a question of 'what can we get in by a deadline?' and more of a ' let's just keep polishing this thing and adding what we think is important no matter how long it takes.' And while the upside of that is hard to measure in advance, it's clear that, for us, taking the extra time is virtually always worth it. I think it really paid off with PVZ.
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