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Friday, January 12, 2001

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Avernum 2 Update, Future Titles
9:53 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Spiderweb Software has released a minor update for their title Avernum 2, patching both the full version of this shareware RPG as well as the demo. Avernum 2 is their remake/expansion of the earlier title Exile II, with all-new graphics, sound, animation and expanded content.

In related news, the latest edition of the Spiderweb newsletter has arrived, and it bears very exciting news for Spiderweb fans. Not only is Avernum 3 in the works (presumably a 'remix' of Exile III) but there is an all-new title in the works with a very unique angle. Here is an excerpt:

3. What about Avernum 3?

Yes. We have already begun to plan this one. No screen shots yet. No release date either. We're still thinking it over and trying to figure out neat new things to do with it.

4. Geneforge

We have also been making some real progress on our science fiction role-playing game: Geneforge. We hope to have the official announcement and release the first screenshots in the next few months. It will have real time movement (with fully animated characters) and turn-based combat (very similar to Fallout). And the setting is nothing if not unusual.

We hope to have Geneforge ready by Winter, 2001.

Ah yes, another agonizing wait -- such is the games industry. For more details on Spiderweb's many fine RPG titles, be sure and visit their web site; the patch and demo for Avernum 2 are available on

Spiderweb Software
Avernum 2 1.0.1 Update (1.5 MB)
Avernum 2 1.0.1 Demo (9.4 MB)
Spiderweb Software
Avernum 2
Buy Avernum 2

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Archives  News  Avernum 2 Update, Future Titles