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Friday, March 5, 2010

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WoW: BattleCry Mosaic, Dev Interview, Music Track
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

As part of the ongoing World of Warcraft anniversary celebration, Blizzard Entertainment recently added some new information to its website. The anniversary sections have been updated with completed images of the WoW WarCry Mosiac, new interviews with developer Tom Chilton and forum MVP Palehoof, and a new music track to enjoy.

Tom Chilton:

How did that runaway success and out-of-control growth change how you designed for the game?
We've had to learn a lot of hard lessons about planning for the worst-case scenario. I say worst-case, but they're actually problems that we were in a sense very fortunate to have -- you have too many people that want to play, for example. We thought about that when we launched The Burning Crusade. "We're going to have a huge chunk of people all going into Hellfire Peninsula at the same time -- how are we gonna handle that?" We had this worry that it would be way too crowded, so we made the zone really big, and the instant you came through the dark portal, we were shuttling you off to different parts of the zone. "Alliance, you guys go over there to Honor Hold, Horde, you guys go to Thrallmar, stay away from each other!" We took that a step further in Lich King with the separate zones -- we essentially cut that area's concurrency in half again. With things like Wintergrasp, we really didn't know what to expect. It was this huge, nebulous thing -- were we designing for 15 people being there, or were we designing for 100 people being there? We've only seen since then that we really have to use those same kinds of worst-case scenario design principles so that we're better prepared for load balancing.

There have been some pretty significant philosophical shifts in World of Warcraft's design from day 1 to Lich King, obviously. What do you think is the biggest change?
There were a lot of sacred cows that had to die. One in early World of Warcraft development was the idea that there should not be an auction house. We were hoping to see the social interaction in any kind of trading -- players meeting up face to face, deciding what the price on something would be, and determining what they were going to do to exchange their goods. After the game had been in beta for a while, and we saw that trading was incredibly cumbersome, and people weren't able to efficiently buy and sell stuff, we made the decision to include a game system to support it. There were also some perceptions about how hardcore raiding was, how much we'd expect out of a raider in the general sense, that have changed. We wanted to make content available to more players, but preserve challenge for hardcore players by including hard modes and that sort of thing.
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