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Thursday, January 11, 2001

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Combat Mission Update Adds TCP/IP Play
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The much-praised WWII sim Combat Mission has received a major update, which (among over 100 changes) adds support for network play over TCP/IP, quite literally making this a whole new game for fans of Internet play against human opponents. TCP/IP support was added using OpenPlay, a networking standard developed partially by Bungie and hailed as a cross-platform alternative to Microsoft's DirectPlay. This update is certainly a must-have for any fan of Combat Mission, and we would love to hear your feedback on it in our Forums.

Here are details from the read me:

* TCP/IP play has been implemented (i.e. "live" Internet play). The game can also run as a "spawn", meaning that you do not need the CD-ROM in the drive, but you will be restricted to joining TCP/IP games only. SEE THE "INTERNET PLAY READ ME" file for more detailed instructions.

* If both sides have global morale below 15%, a battle will end immediately with an enforced cease-fire.

* Quick Battles:
- Ratio of attacker to defender points has been reduced slightly for Attack and Assault scenarios.

- Fortifications are cheaper to purchase.

- Automatic unit purchaser does a better job of using up (nearly) all available points.

- Force proportion limits modified slightly (main change is that attackers have a higher limit on support points than before).

And here are details on how to set up Internet games:
Playing a TCP/IP multiplayer game is quite easy. All you need is two players with active connections to either the Internet or LAN. One player is designated as the Host the other is the Client. The Host is responsible for picking the Scenario or Operation and selecting any applicable parameters for a Quick Battle. They also have a slight advantage of purchasing units prior to the client connecting. Keep this in mind: the Host should inform the Client, prior to connecting, of any specific parameters, time period, unit restrictions, point totals et cetera, of the battle. This can be done using any normal communication method. (ICQ, 3rd party Chat service like the one at Combat Mission HQ, or simply via email)
Be sure and grab this update, or grab the demo if you haven't tried this game. This update also adds OpenGL support, which may solve the issues some players have had with using RAVE mode on Voodoo3 and Voodoo5 cards.
Combat Mission Demo (31.2 MB)
Combat Mission 1.1 Update (5.8 MB)
Combat Mission

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