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Wednesday, January 10, 2001
MWSF: On Peter Tamte's Company
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According to an in-depth report published on MacCentral, former Apple and Bungie employee Peter Tamte is progressing well with his new company, formed with the initial objective of bringing several prominent Microsoft game titles to the Mac OS. While he has yet to name his company, it does have a total of six employees now, and they may have Age of Empires II ready to ship by this Summer, if all goes well. Here's an excerpt from the report:

Tamte says that his new company still doesn't have a name, although it now has employees -- six altogether, including Tamte. The Minnesota-based game development studio also features Tamte's fellow MacSoft alum Kirk Sumner, a programmer with years of experience developing new content and porting popular games to the Mac. Prior to his stint at Macsoft, Sumner was employed at MECC, the company that eventually became educational software publisher The Learning Company.

At last summer's Macworld Expo in New York City, Tamte outlined plans to bring three Microsoft-branded games to the Macintosh -- Age of Empires 2, Flight Simulator 2002, and Links LS 2002. Tamte says those plans are still in place, and suggests that Mac gamers may see Age of Empires 2 on store shelves sometime this summer.

The article also mentions that Tamte hinted at a possible original title in development, which would have online elements, but not multiplayer support. For more details be sure and read the entire report.

IMG Interviews Peter Tamte
Peter Tamte Interview at MacCentral

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