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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
The Rise Of Blizzard Entertainment
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

GamesIndustry.bizM has published a new interview with Blizzard Entertainment CEO Paul Sams and Executive Producer Rob Pardo about the company's rise to dominance in the gaming industry. The two Blizzard veterans discuss the company's early history, design philosophies, finding talented employees, and focus on long term goals.

"You'll always find with Blizzard that we have the long-term view on everything," says Sams. "Sometimes, when we sit in meeting rooms and talk about certain things, it's a very common conversation point when we talk about going down a particular road as a short-term decision - and why is it that we think making a short-term decision is the right one for the company, the employees, or the gamers?

"Traditionally what happens is that if we're looking to make a short-term decision it's oftentimes overruled before we do it, because we always have the view that doing the thing that's going to have a mid- or long-term investment for the company, employees and gamers is going to be the right one.

"While it might not bring us the most revenue or benefit immediately, we always take the position that if you do the right thing, that in the mid- or long-term that's always going to be the better answer - the thing that's going to deliver the best results and make people the most delighted... the gamers, the employees, and ultimately because we're a public company, I believe making those decisions is in the best interest of the shareholders as well because they'll see a lot more value creation.

"Short-term target shooting is, in my opinion, not the right answer - it's making sure that the company is built to last, and delivers year-in, year-out on its promises, both on a financial perspective but also on a quality and product experience perspective, which is a key foundation. Blizzard's all about making the best games in the world. All the other stuff comes along with it."
Check out the full interview at the page listed below. Paul Sams, Rob Pardo Interview
Blizzard Entertainment

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