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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Diablo III Previewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Hooked Gamers has posted a new preview of Diablo III, the much anticipated next installment of the popular action RPG series from Blizzard Entertainment. The preview offers an overview of what is currently known about the environments, missions, character classes, and abilities in the upcoming game.

The Witch Doctor is a brand new class and practitioner of voodoo, combining elements from previous character classes - namely the Sorceress, Necromancer, and Druid. He specializes in altering the minds of enemies, and summoning spirits and zombies. His Horrify ability calls forth a spirit that sends enemies running in fear, while Corpse Spiders creates a zombie that releases poisonous spiders which attack nearby enemies.

The Wizard is much more similar to Diablo II's Sorceress than the Witch Doctor, despite also being a new class. The Wizard focuses on elemental attacks - Electrocute and Ray of Frost deal lightning and cold damage, respectively - but can also conjure objects to aid him in battle. Spectral Blade produces airborne blades that attack enemies and Conjured Armor surrounds the Wizard with an aura that increases his chance to block an attack.

The Monk is perhaps the most original class in Diablo III. He eschews heavy weapons, armor, and overt displays of magic, instead utilizing his body and mind in some supernatural form of kung fu. Following the kung fu conventions of speed and flow, some of the Monk's abilities incorporate a combo system - each relevant ability is made up of three stages. Between each stage, the player has a little over half a second to initiate the subsequent stage. The first stage of the Way of the Hundred Fists ability is a dashing attack that deals 100% weapon damage. The second stage is six quick punches that each deals 8% damage. And the third stage is a final blast that deals 85% weapon damage to all nearby enemies.
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Hooked Gamers: Diablo III Preview
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